Harry Potter characters real names with pictures

Below are The List of Harry Potter Characters with Real Name and Character Name including their Pictures, How they used to look when They were Young. Below Pictures are Young Pictures of All Harry Potter Characters.

Real Name :- Alan RickMan | Character Name :- Severus Snape

Real Name :- David Thewlis | Character Name :- Remus Lupin

Real Name :- Gary Oldman | Character Name :- Sirius Black

Real Name :- Helena Bonham Carter | Character Name :- Bellatrix Lestrange

Real Name :- Imedla Staunton | Character Name :- Dolores Umbridge

Real Name :- Maggie Smith | Character Name :- Minerva McGonagall

Real Name :- Ralph Flennes | Character Name :- Lord Voldemort

Real Name :- Rhys Ifans | Character Name :- Xenophilius Lovegood

Real Name :- Richard Harris | Character Name :- Albus Dumbledore

Real Name :- Robbi Coltrane | Character Name :- Rubeus Hagrid

Real Name :- Robert Hardy | Character Name :- Cornelius Fudge

Real Name :- Roger Lloud Pack | Character Name :- Barty Crouch Sr.

Real Name :- Daniel Radcliffe | Character Name :- Harry Potter

Real Name :- Ema Watson | Character Name :- Hermoine Granger

Real Name :- Rupert Grint | Character Name :- Ron Weasley

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